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PKC ABILENE is a part of Pratt's Karate Club (PKC) in the Buda, Texas area.

   Master Leonard Pratt, 7th Dan, established Pratt's Karate Club in 1979. Master Pratt began the PKC children's program in 1981. Master Pratt had over 30 years of experience in Martial Arts training and over 20 years of experience as a black belt instructor.

   Master Pratt's dedication to the martial arts was very evident. He dedicated his life towards becoming the best martial artist he could be, while at the same time, ensuring that his students do the same.  After the passing of Master Leonard Pratt, his son, Jason Pratt, took his place as the Master instructor. He has ensured the life of PKC and has kept the beliefs and teachings of his father as Master Jason Pratt.

   PKC KARATE's one-on-one attention with each and every student is what makes us unique among other martial arts programs and that same attention is given to our students at PKC Abilene/Southern Hills Tae Kwon Do. The dedication has paid off and will continue for generations. PKC itself has had several students ranked #1 in Texas as well as the United States. PKC Abilene shares the PKC founded belief that, in order to become a complete martial artist, one needs to be schooled in several disciplines and have an open mind.  One needs to be able to react to any situation, and it is our belief that ALL martial art styles offer benefits to their students.  Therefore, we welcome any and all students from other styles into our program to learn from us, as well as teach us aspects of their training that help us become better martial artists.

   PKC ABILENE offers its students (young and young at heart) a complete martial arts program with emphasis on the following:


  • a strong conditioning program second to none

  • strength and flexibility training

  • reality and weapons self-defense

  • tournament sport karate and traditional forms

  • weapons training

  • Family base events such as Camps and Professional Martial Art Shows                                                                                                             


   When it comes to martial arts training, we've got what you're looking for. So stop by or contact us to begin your martial arts journey and become a member of the PKC family. Together let's Make it Happen!


   At PKC ABILENE, building teamwork, a competitive spirit and family is very important to us. We continually encourage our students to participate in the many events we hold each year. These events are important to attend as they are part of the requirement for each student's rank and building of character.  They are geared around all the PKC locations bringing the schools together.  The atmosphere creates a good family environment through tournaments, camps and Martial Art shows. 


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